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Genevieve Clark - Idaho

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Genevieve Clark from Idaho

Genevieve Clark - Cooking Project

"I had a couple of boys at the class one time in a class with all girls. We got ready to do a cooking project. I can’t remember just what we were going to do. It was a cooking project anyway. I looked at their hands and they were filthy! By that time, we were in the annex of the school, a building out in back of the main building. It had it’s own bathroom. So, I sent them into the bathroom to wash their hands, and I went ahead to work with the rest of the class. Pretty soon I looked up, and the front door opened, and these boys walked in. They had got out through the window in the bathroom. I could just see them waiting for me to hit the roof. I just said to them, “I am glad you came back to join us”. We went on with whatever we were doing at that point. They didn’t look like they were really happy with that. I think they expected me to get all upset! They were fine."

Genevieve Clark - Back to School

"It wasn’t very long before the school superintendent came, which was a man that I knew and wanted me to teach school. He came to talk to me. I said, “Have you talked to my husband?” He said, “It is up to you.” I thought a while, and I said , “it has been a long time since I went to school, they probably will not accept my credentials.” He said, “I have already checked into that, dear. “ OK. I said “Well, I will teach one year.” That wasn’t true. I taught more than that."

Genevieve Clark - Third Child

"The third child. Let’s see, there’s about 3 years difference between the second and third. When he was born, I had a stroke and I was completely paralyzed on one side. I couldn’t walk and I couldn’t talk very good. By that time, my folks had come to Emmett. They retired to Emmet, and thank goodness, because they took over the baby, and the other two I could manage. They weren’t very old, but they were old enough that I could handle them better. They were here to help with them too. There was no physical therapy in those days. The Doctor and I were alone. We had to do it. The Doctor would give me ideas, and I would work on them. It was about a year, and I got to where I could get along."

Genevieve Clark - Getting Married

"I had come to Emmett to work in the cannery grading processed food. There was a young man working in the Cannery, and we got to talking, and we kind of enjoyed each other. We went out several times, enjoyed what we did, and got to really talking. Then I got notice that they were going to transfer me to another facility. Neither one of us liked that idea, so we talked a little bit more and we decided, “ Why don’t we get married?” It was about Christmas, so we decided to get married at Christmas time."

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