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Nora Maier and Glen Maier from Honeysuckle Senior Living

Glen Maier: Meeting Nora

Interviewer: This is Tiffany Sparks and I am the Activities Director at Honeysuckle (Senior Living). It is September 22, 2020 and I am doing a tiny story with Glenn Maier because I’ve done one with his wife Nora and they are going to be married for 70 years on October 1. So I’m gonna ask him some questions. When did you first meet Nora?

Glen: Oh it was in September I think of 1949. We were at a birthday party for a fellow in the young people‘s club at the church and that is where I first saw her.

Interviewer: Was it love at first sight?

Glenn: No (laughing).

Interviewer: How did you propose to Miss Nora?

Glen: Well it wasn’t on a bended knee, it was probably in the car.

Glen Maier: The Get Away Car

Nora: He asked me if I’d go steady with him and I said, “Who me?!” And he says, “Well who else is around here!?”

Interviewer: What do you remember most about your wedding?

Glenn: When we left the church we went out the side door and I had to park the car quite a ways away because we felt that it would probably be decorated. We went to that place with a friend whose dad was also there at the wedding and he was running blocking for us, for his son and us to get away in case anybody was trying to follow us.

Interviewer: Do you happen to remember any music at the time?

Glenn: Well I remember before the wedding I was working on a farm in Fairfield, Washington and a friend of mine was going to college at Cheney and I went over to see him one night and I had the radio on and I heard Eddie Arnold and I thought this guy can sing!

Glen Maier: The Secret to Marriage

Interviewer: What is your advice for a successful marriage?

Glen: Well I tell people it’s 50-50. It’s $0.50 for me and $50 for her!

Nora Maeir: Meeting Glen

Interviewer: I am Tiffany Sparks and I am interviewing Nora Maier and we are at Honeysuckle (Senior Living) in Hayden, Idaho on September 17, 2020. When did you meet your husband Glenn?

Nora: We were at church. Foothills Church.

Interviewer: So you met when you were teenagers and you had just graduated from high school?

Nora: I was just graduating, yes.

Interviewer: Where did you go on your first date?

Nora: Probably to a youth group.

Interviewer: How did he propose to you?

Nora: We were sitting... oh I’ll never forget. We were sitting in his car and he said something about would you go steady with me? And I said who me? And he said well who else is here in the car with us!

Nora Maier: Wedding Day

Interviewer: What do you remember most about your wedding day?

Nora: Not much! *laughs*

Interviewer: Were you scared?

Nora: Oh I’m sure I was. It was on a Sunday afternoon. Where my mother was from back East in Nebraska everyone got married Sunday afternoon. So she insisted that we get married Sunday afternoon.

Interviewer: What is your key to a successful marriage?

Nora: We don’t fight a lot and I guess we both agree a lot.

Interviewer: And how many children do you have?

Nora: Two daughters. They’re in their 30s now.

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez and Samantha Alcaraz.

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