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Dena Hale - Idaho

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Dena Hale from Idaho

Dena Hale - Making Ice Cream

"When it came out of the machine, it would go into the big 2.5-gallon things, and you would put the lid on it and freeze them. You would sell to stores and schools and stuff like that. It was softie ice cream nowadays. But that was so many years ago that was something really new because there wasn’t soft ice cream. This was just ice cream that hadn’t completed it’s freezing. It froze just so they could get it into the container, which was those 2.5 gallons, and then you had to put it in the freezer, and it had to freeze solid. There wasn’t that soft ice cream in those days like we have now. The years went by and people kind of seemed to realize it. Especially people in downtown Anthem, us kids especially, if they knew you were making ice cream, they were there for when he brought it out. He always made a point of getting a little piece of waxed paper and could open that door a little bit and they could squeeze it out. And then they could eat it. It was quite a treat."

Dena Hale - Soft Ice Cream

"My father – we lived in Star Valley Wyoming. That’s where my dad started the first dairy there. He used to get his milk and cream from the experiment farm. He started making ice cream. It was fun the days he made the ice cream. It was made in a round ice cream freezer type. It was one that kind of laid on it’s side because it made a lot at one time. When it got to where it was thick you could open the door on the front a little bit and it would come out. Oh, it was good! It was all soft ice cream. We used to love that. Then, we would have little papers for wrapping butter and you put that underneath, and it would just drop right on there, and you could eat off of that. He made ice cream, and people would stop by when they knew he was making ice cream. He would give them a piece of the waxed people, and people would eat off of that. It was good. It was the first soft ice cream I ever ate, and it was wonderful."

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