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Bruce Bailey - Idaho

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Bruce Bailey from Idaho

Bruce Bailey - Dune Buggy

"I rode a dune buggy one time and in fact I broke in half! Flying through the air and came right down. Whoop! I took another friend up and we went up north of Eagle in out there in those foothills, running all over just having a ball up this hill and - Bang! It broke in half and I shivered to a stop. This one guy that was with us, he obviously hadn’t done much in his life – He started crying. He was afraid he was going to have to walk out of there. Well, I walked down to the pick-up, thank god it wasn’t very far- went down to the pick-up and the trailer and we got it back on the trailer with some chains and come-alongs and stuff. I got it on the trailer and took it home bolted it back together and it was ready to go. I tell you; I wonder why I did some stupid stuff. At least it lit right side up. There wasn’t any roll-bar on it. Just cruising. I don’t know if I ever went over a hill another like that where it went up like this and the hill stopped, and you kept going. Pretty quick you lose your momentum and then you gotta come down. The front end turned over it come down and lit flat on the ground and broke right in the middle where I put it together to start with. I guess I didn’t quite put it together good enough, I guess."

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