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Frances and Vic Beers - Idaho

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Frances and Vic Beers from Idaho

Frances and Vic Beers - Dancing


There was a square dance class starting in a few weeks from the time that we heard about it. Dorothy and I really wanted to learn, but the guys didn’t want to. They didn’t want any part of the dancing. They didn’t like it. We talked them into going just one time, and if they didn’t like it there would be no more. We wouldn’t bug them any more about it. Anyway, they went that one time, and after that you couldn’t drag them away from it.

Interviewer: You liked it Victor”

Vic: Oh, Yeh

Frances: It had a kind of a sad ending for me because my husband died on a square dance floor, and that kinda killed it for me, but they square danced for quite a few years.

Frances and Vic Beers - Hunting

"My husband and Vic hunted together for about three years, and we girls stayed home and took care of the kids. We got kind of tired of that, but we didn’t say anything though. At the end of the 3rd year or close to the beginning of the 4th year of deer hunting, they asked us if we would like to go with them. Of course, we had never really thought about that, but we said sure. We didn’t have a rifle or anything. They said they would buy us each a rifle. I don’t know if Dorothy had to make any promises to Vic or not, but I had to promise Jack that I wouldn’t let one go by if I had a chance to use my rifle, or if I didn’t do it, I couldn’t go anymore. I didn’t get one the first year, I didn’t see one. The second year I got his and mine. I made up for it. I got 7 more after that. When he passed away I didn’t go any more."

Frances and Vic Beers - Married


We had known each other 63 years. The four of us were best friends up until the time that Jack died. After that Vic and Dorothy and I stayed friends, but they traveled a lot, so I didn’t see very much of them most of those years. Of course, I told you, Jack died in 1960 and Dorothy died in 2001. We didn’t see one another very much either after that for various reasons. Finally, when we were both alone, we decided that wasn’t any good, and we had known each other for a long time, so it wasn’t like marrying strangers. So, we just decided to get married and we have never been sorry. 10 years ago. We were married 10 years ago last October. We’ve never been sorry. I haven’t anyway, maybe he has. Have you been sorry?

Vic: Nope

Frances: You better not!

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