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Zelda Langdale - Maple Ridge Senior Living

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Zelda Langdale as a child with her mother.

Zelda Langdale - Zelda’s Mother

"My name is Zelda, Zelda Langdale. This is about my mother. Many memories of course of our mothers but this one is very special. My mother led a very quiet life. We lived in a little tiny town. During World War II, she had to, had to go work at the lumber mill every day and would leave the house at five in the morning to walk two miles to the lumber mill because all of the men, including her husband, our beloved daddy, all went into, were drafted into the war. And then life went on, she had four daughters. She had me and then she waited ten years and had three more. And she loved to garden but she was very quiet and she required so little of us it was really sometimes difficult to show her how much we loved her."

Zelda Langdale - Her Mother Passes Away

"She died. She had a very difficult time in her older days but she died which was a blessing. We were planning a memorial service at the local cemetery in Klamath Falls and three of her daughters were out of town. We all ran to airplanes and whatever we could get and get there quickly. And we sat up all night trying to figure out what service, what we were going to do at her memorial service. So we sat up all night drinking a little wine, trying to figure out what to do. So we start looking at music. Well, my parents absolutely loved to dance. Every Saturday night they would go to the VFW club and dance and dance and then we’d dance at home. Dad would turn on the music and we’d all dance and they taught us a lot about dancing."

Zelda Langdale - Zelda’s Mother’s Funeral

"So, the next day we got up and we really were not sure of anything other than we were going to play a lot of their favorite songs. We had the memorial, people said some very very lovely things about my her. And as we were coming to a close, uh, the song was a Frank Sinatra song. I can’t remember the name of it but it was Frankie, my mother’s favorite and a couple attending the memorial service got up at the cemetery and started dancing. And then another couple and another couple and pretty soon all of us were dancing and that was how much we loved our mother."

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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