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Zane Fleischman from Maple Ridge Senior Living

Zane Fleischman - How Zane Joined the Military

“I graduated from high school in 1941. I went to the college, the state school of science for one year and I got my first job. My first job was nothing. I was pumping gas. Oh, I quickly went back to school and the draft came. So I enlisted. And they sent me to a central place, St. Louis, Missouri. All we did was March around all day long and then they assigned me to a place in Minnesota to wait until I could get an assignment. While I was there, Morehead, Minnesota was only 40 miles in the whole town. Fortunately though I was going back-and-forth.”

Zane Fleischman - Zane Gets His Assignment

“I went to school and I played in the band. I had a trumpet and I played in the band. And then finally I got an assignment to go get my training. And so I was sent up there to 29 (Palms) California and that’s where that picture was taken. 29 (Palms) California is nothing but desert. Nice and warm, you know what I mean?”

Zane Fleischman - Learning to Fly

“I took to the aircraft really quickly. We took about three trips around and he landed the aircraft and told me what to do. He got out and he says “it’s yours!” just like that. I took my solo flight. The first one of the group and they were very envious! I took to flying quite quickly. All through my career I felt I was a very good pilot. Basically what my job was, to transport people from here to there. I landed nearly on every island in the Philippines. One particular occasion was interesting. I landed there and the young man came out and he had a cart with a buggy and he took me to his home. And his father was the mayor. I got to eat with the mayor in Panay.”

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez and Samantha Alcaraz.

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