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Sylvia Mentel from Garden Place Waterloo

Sylvia Mentel from Garden Place Waterloo

Sylvia Mentel - Sylvia’s Children

“I had three boys and then I had a daughter but I played football with my boys and I just thoroughly enjoyed that. That and being a nurse I worked all the time also.”

Sylvia Mentel - The Most Important Event in Sylvia’s Life

“The most important event in my life was the end of World War II and my fiancé came home and I got married. And we were in love when we were in high school already. So that was the most important thing in my life.”

Sylvia Mentel - Sylvia’s Career

“I graduated from nurses training at Missouri Baptist and I went to work there for about six months and then we moved over to Illinois. So I went to work at Christian Welfare and St. Mary’s. I don’t know which was which anymore. And then one of the doctors asked me if I would please come work for him. So I went to work for the doctor for I guess 17 or 20 years and then I got to be a school nurse to finish out my career.”

Sylvia Mentel - Sylvia’s Mother

“My favorite memories of my mother was just, she was such a little lady. She was only, she was under five foot she was like 4’10 and my dad was big but my mother was the boss. And she loved her church work. We walked every place. We lived on the outskirts of town so it’s quite a distance for her to go to church and quilt and one day she forgot to put a roast in the oven before she went to church she came back home and put the roast in the oven and went back to church.”

Sylvia Mentel - Christmas Traditions

“For Christmas we would go out and get a cedar tree and we would put real candles on it and we’d only light those candles on Christmas Eve."

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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