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Bertie Wiegand from Garden Place Waterloo

Bertie Weigand - College Clubs

“When I went to college and I went for my degree in Hospitality/Food Service Management. We had a club and we did fundraiser things so we could take 17 of us by train to Chicago for a trade show up there. That was fun!”

Bertie Weigand - Playing Outdoors

“I lived in Mascoutah (Illinois) and we had lots of close neighbors and you know, we played out in the yard. Now you know, they play on the computer, things like that. Then we went outside, you know, and played.”

Bertie Weigand - Bertie’s Most Important Achievement

“When I got my college degree, I thought, because I was okay in school but I had to work hard to get it. But that I think was my most important one.”

Bertie Weigand - Bertie Takes a Trip

“In 1999, I worked at the King's House and they closed the dorm down for remodeling and Willard and I flew to the West Coast and my brother went along. We toured the whole West Coast down and then we came back home and then we drove out to the East Coast and went down there and came back.”

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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