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Shirley Franich - Desert Peaks Assisted Living and Memory Care

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Shirley Franich from Desert Peaks Assisted Living and Memory Care

Shirley Franich - Mother's Pastries

"My memories of my mother’s crème puffs and her lemon meringue pies make me think of how perfect she was. I know she made everything from scratch. Crème puffs from pastry, whipping her crème, sticking the crème inside the crème puffs, making sure they were filled properly and didn’t leak out. And Lemon meringue pie – she got her lemons, and she actually peeled them and squeezed them so that she could have the rind for the flavor and then the juice for the lemon. Her pie crusts were ‘melt in your mouth.’ Her meringue she made from scratch, beating the eggs and putting it in the oven and browning them on the very top to make sure the pies were a little brown on the top. Perfectly shaped for her guests or for our family. "

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