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Phyllis Jean Onion from Blossom Vale Senior Living

Phyllis Jean Onion from Blossom Vale Senior Living

Phyllis Jean Onion - Phyllis and Her Grandmother

“My grandmother raised me from the time I was in the fourth grade til I graduated from high school. And she uh lived next door to the church in Loveton, Indiana. So I had to help with that, too. And one Sunday morning we went to church and this lady come in the front door and her underwear fell down on the ground. And I started giggling and my grandmother kept poking me and saying be quiet, be quiet. And that was the only thing I can remember.”

Phyllis Jean Onion - Phyllis’ Life Abroad

“And I’ve been to a lot of places. I went to Japan and I had a daughter born over there. Then uh we went to Italy for three years and two of my daughters went with us. And uh then the one, she was gonna run away and uh come home because she wanted to marry this guy and her dad told her no. And so, he finally paid for her to come back to the states and get married but we didn’t come for her to get married. So then we, then we went back to the States and then uh then we went to Germany for three years. And I’ve been to uh to a lot of places over there.”

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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