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Dolores Short from Wildwood Canyon Villa

Dolores Short - Dolores and Her Family

Interviewer: Dolores tell me about the history of your family. Where did your mother and father come from and what did they do?

Dolores: They came from Missouri and they were ranchers.

Interviewer: Both of them?

Dolores: My mother cooked on the ranch

Interviewer: When and where were you born?

Dolores: Buffalo, Wyoming

Interviewer: Oh Wyoming is it cold over there?

Dolores: Very cold

Interviewer: What day were you born? What year?

Dolores: 1935, August 29

Interviewer: A special day! How did you come to live in this area?

Dolores: Well I came to Arizona to live with my friends and I met my sweetheart

Interviewer: How long were you and your sweetheart married?

Dolores: 50 years

Dolores Short - Dolores’ First Job

Interviewer: When you were young what was the age that children started working?

Dolores: Well I started I think in the eighth grade washing glasses at the restaurant.

Interviewer: Oh so you guys were young! How did you spend your earnings?

Dolores: Clothes and junk.

Interviewer: Do you share your parents values?

Dolores: Very much. They had very good standard values.

Interviewer: What religion were your parents?

Dolores: Baptist.

Interviewer: What is your religion?

Dolores: Assembly of God.

Interviewer: Did you ever change religions?

Dolores: When I was in high school.

Interviewer: You changed? Why?

Dolores: Well I just knew these friends and I wanted more from the Lord and they had a handsome young man.

Interviewer: Who was the most influential to you in your home? Your mother, your father?

Dolores: Well my mother was the one that bossed me and my daddy was very meek and quiet.

Dolores Short - Dolores Leaves Home

Interviewer: When did you leave your parents home?

Dolores: Well, what was I 23?

Interviewer: How did you get your first job?

Dolores: My mom was working at this restaurant washing dishes and they got me the job.

Interviewer: What did you like about school? Be honest!

Dolores: I enjoyed my friendship with the girls and the boys. I didn’t like to study though.

Interviewer: No one does. What are your favorite memories of your childhood and what are

your worst memories?

Dolores: When I fell off the horse when I was a little girl.

Interviewer: That was your worst one?

Dolores: It affected my back ever since.

Interviewer: And what was your favorite memory?

Dolores: Falling on my brother and I would get in trouble and he wouldn’t.

Interviewer: Did you ever get married?

Dolores: Yes

Interviewer: When?

Dolores: 1960

Interviewer: What was your husband's name?

Dolores: Robert Max

Interviewer: Why did you marry him?

Dolores: Because I loved him!

Interviewer: How did you meet him?

Dolores: I was living with these friends and we met through church.

Interviewer: He was a special guy huh?

Dolores: He was a special guy. He had asked me three times to marry him before I answered.

Interviewer: So you were still stubborn back then?

Dolores: I don’t know if it was stubborn or scared to death.

Interviewer: How old were you when he asked you to marry him?

Dolores: 24

Interviewer: Oh you were still young!

Dolores Short - Dolores’ Adult Life

Interviewer: How did your life as an adult differ from what you imagined it would be before you were on your own?

Dolores: I don’t know pretty much the same. Get married and have babies

Interviewer: That’s what you imagined your life as? What did you resent having to do in your life?

Dolores: Doing dishes when I was a little girl.

Interviewer: Did you have a nickname?

Dolores: Oh my goodness, I don’t wanna tell you that!

Interviewer: Why?! Tell me your nickname!

Dolores: Flossy!

Interviewer: Flossy?! Who gave you that nickname?

Dolores: I don’t remember.

Interviewer: You don’t remember who gave it to you? And why? Were you so flossy? What jobs did you work at the longest?

Dolores: I think waiting tables.

Interviewer: That was your longest job?

Dolores: Well I worked in the dime store but yeah I think so.

Interviewer: What did you like about working? And what did you dislike?

Dolores: I liked it when the people were nice. I didn’t like it when they were crabby.

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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