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Mike Foley from Blossom Vale Senior Living

Mike Foley from Blossom Vale Senior Living

Mike Foley - Mike’s Second Day of School

“Actually, it started over the Christmas holidays. I was over at one of my kid’s house and watching my, my four year old great grandson, uh, direct a drone around the living room. Now, four years old, here this kid is playing with a, playing with a drone flying it around the living room. And I was lamenting about the state of education in California and how things are certainly different than they were when I was a kid and I was reminded when I started school. Uh, and uh I don’t remember much about the first day but the second day we were playing on the floor there. Like kids did in kindergarten in those days uh and we didn’t have any cell phones or anything either, you know. So I was playing with a train, a wooden train and this other young fellow, Homer Brown was his name I remember it well because I went all through school with him. He reached over and picked up the engine on the train and I said I don’t want you to have that I wanna play with it or whatever the words were and we had a little confrontation and I hit him in the head with the, with the engine and it drew blood. And the teacher grabbed me and dragged me over to the corner and I had to sit there until my mother came and uh she told my mother that she better take me home and remand me and teach me some manners. And my mother got very annoyed and said hell no I'm not coming back and so I got thrown out of kindergarten. And uh I never went back until the first grade. I skipped that whole year. So I started my education off on great grounds. And look at me today!”

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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