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Mayruth Wolfe - New Mexico

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Mayruth Wolfe - New Mexico

Mayruth Wolfe - Cell Phones

"These cell phones is the most wonderful invention that ever was. I got one of them, and I can’t hardly work it. It’s smarter than me. It is a smart phone. Ross has one of the old timey kind. I can use his. I can talk on that if I can push the right button!"

Mayruth Wolfe - Optimist

"I have a woman who lives here, and she comes and visits quite a bit. On her 80th birthday she went down and bought a brand-new Dodge Suburban. I said, “Now, that’s an optimist!”"

Mayruth Wolfe - Oldest Married Couple

When we’d go on cruises, and we used to go on a lot of them. We would take a nap in the afternoon so we could stay up late at night. The other old people were so busy on the ship because there were shows and free drinks and casinos and everything on the ship. But we would take a nap so we could stay up late. And every night about 9 o’clock they would have the ‘Honeymoon Show’ and we got to be on it as the longest married couple.  You know, they would pick the ones that just got married that day on the ship, or a week, or what, and then they would pick which ever one they liked. And then the oldest married couple. So every cruise, we would get to be on that because most people that were married as long as us were in bed asleep!

Mayruth Wolfe - Cruise Eating

"Bit those ships are wonderful. They have big Las Vegas shows at night. They have Casinos. If you don’t watch what you eat, you gain 10 pounds at least, because they’ve got food all the time. If you don’t like what they are serving in the dining room, they’ve got a place where you can get hot dogs and pizza at 3 o’clock in the morning and at midnight. They told me that and I didn’t believe ‘em. I sat an alarm. I got up at 2 o’clock and it was open, and people were eating! Not very many!"

Mayruth Wolfe - Making Butter

"Well, see, I remember making butter when I was a little kid. You can make it in a fruit jar. My son was in the second grade, and he wanted something for show and tell. I say, “You can show them how to make butter.” Well, I shake that thing and I shake that thing, and it wouldn’t turn to butter. ‘Cause I keep putting it back in the icebox. See, it’s gotta get warm. I got so tired of shaking that I forgot to put it back. Of course when I went there, it was butter. So we got to show and tell. Those were the good old days."

Mayruth Wolfe - Born in a Barn

"As a matter of fact, daddy was building us a house. He had built a garage first and moved us all in there to live until he got the rest of the house built. I was born earlier than I was supposed to. I was born in a garage. But you know they used to say, “Shut the door, were you born in a barn?” Didn’t they say that, when people didn’t shut the door? Especially the screen door in the summer time with the flies and the gnats. “Shut the door, were you born in a barn?"

Mayruth Wolfe - Daddy was a Carpenter

"My daddy was a carpenter. Well, we moved and rented. Daddy would build us a nice home, and then he would sell it ‘cause we needed the money. We needed the money more than we needed a nice home. You know, you gotta eat. The principle of my school in the summertime worked for my daddy doing carpenter work. Used to teachers were just paid the months they taught. So, for 3 months – you know they weren’t paid nothing then either. My grandpa went to the 8th grade so got to teach school years ago because they didn’t have any that had gone to the 8th grade. That was pretty good for those days."

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