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Leora Marshall - Sundial Assisted Living

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Leora Marshall - Sundial Assisted Living in Redding, California.

Leora Marshall- Scrambled Eggs

"I told them they had better get in the bed there and I was going to lock them in and they couldn’t come out all day. So, I sent them in their room and told them they couldn’t come out. Well, now that wasn’t the end of what they were going to do. I made them scrambled eggs and took them in for breakfast. This I didn’t know until quite later. When I went in there to clean the room, there was something looking hairy…behind the chest of drawers. I couldn’t figure out what on earth that was. Pretty soon Gary looks at me, and he was kinda grinning. That was Gary’s scrambled eggs he threw behind they chest of drawers. They had been there the whole week, and it was looking pretty scary."

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