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Imogene Yarbrough from Garden Place Waterloo

Imogene Yarbrough - Imogene’s Upbringing

“When I was growing up I guess it would’ve been my mother that was most influential. My father passed away when I was only 13 months old and I lived with my grandparents and my mother. My mother was an only child so that way I had two brothers that were a little older than me and all three of us children lived with my mother in my grandparents home.”

Imogene Yarbrough - Imogene’s First Job

“My very first job, you won’t believe this, but I think one of the very first paying jobs I had was working in a mushroom farm which was in the caves at the Valmeyer quarry. It’s now called Rock City. They use it for storage of records because the temperature is right.”

Imogene Yarbrough - Imogene’s Husband

“I married my husband in 1953. Uh he was a very good friend of my oldest brother and my oldest brother and he went into the service together. And then whenever their time was up my husband, uh he signed up for the reserves and uh my brother had signed for three years so he went on to a different place. They weren’t stationed at the same place anymore. And uh my husband was out for almost six months when the Korean war broke out and then he was called back in and had to go over into combat immediately.”

Imogene Yarbrough - The Most Important Thing

“The most important thing in my life is my faith in the Lord. I went to Sunday school from the time I was three years old and I still attend church every Sunday and I very seldom ever miss church.”

Imogene Yarbrough - Imogene’s Favorite Teacher

“I remember the teacher I had in the first four grades. She was a very loving teacher. When I was in the fourth grade, her mother became sick and she had to give up teaching. She had never married, so she had to go and stay home with her family and take care of her mother and after that we kept in touch. She moved to Colorado and while she was in Colorado I was writing her letters up until the time she passed away.”

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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