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Lorraine Jorgenson - Marla Vista Assisted Living & Memory Care

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Lorraine Jorgenson celebrating her 100th birthday.

Lorraine Jorgenson - Parents

“What can I say about them. They were wonderful… you know what I mean. I just thought they took care of us the best they could and they treated us all alike. And they went, where they didn’t leave us behind. My dad was born here and my mother was born here in Greenbay. Right a little ways from here.”

Lorraine Jorgenson - Siblings

“Oh yes… There was three girls and three boys. Viola, Sylvie and me. And then Donald, and Roland, and Winford. They all helped… you know. They were good kids and they had their jobs. Well Donald was youngest, and then me. They all had their own jobs… like Viola and Sylvie.. they went and served at a bar room. I thought that was kind of nice, I never did it.”

Lorraine Jorgenson - Work

“Yeah I worked at the dime store and I worked at Crannies. I sold ladies shoes, so I always worked because I wanted some money to buy some clothes *laughs*.”

Lorraine Jorgenson - Adopting

“We tried to have children and it didn’t happen. She was in the stars… you know what I mean. She was pregnant and she was on her way towards the hospital to have the baby and she gave her to me. She gave her to me…That’s how I got her, right from the hospital when she was born. I went to see her the other day, she’s changed a lot. She was smart, she had a car, she went to high school and she was good with what she did.”

Lorraine Jorgenson - Life at Marla Vista

“I think it’s a nice place and they try to make everybody happy and to keep them doing things so they can kind of adjust to their ways. And I really think this is a nice place… I really do. They try to treat everybody the same and they keep them busy. The days will go by fast. It does, goes by very fast and they’re very thoughtful of everything.”

Lorraine Jorgenson - Marriages

Lorraine: “Well the first marriage I should’ve stayed with him. I should’ve stayed with him if I could have but it seems as though we disparted. We weren’t married very long.”

Interviewer: “What about your second husband?”

Lorraine: “Him.. yeah… no. We were out on a date or something for couples and we exchanged partners and that’s how I got to him. *laughs* It should’ve never happened.. because he liked another man and boy… that don’t work.”

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