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Susan Plank - Marla Vista Assisted Living and Memory Care

Susan Plank from Marla Vista Assisted Living and Memory Care

Susan Plank - Remembering Seeing Her Husband for the First Time

“I was sitting on the front porch watching my sisters kids and he walks by and hmmmm!”

Susan Plank - Cherished Memories

Interviewer: What is the most important event that has happened in your lifetime?

Susan: That I actually got to stand up for someone’s wedding. My girlfriend and I made the dresses.

Interviewer: What is the most important memory you have and why?

Susan: Being with my mom when she was hanging clothes.

Interviewer: What’s your best memory?

Susan: Having my children.

Interviewer: Yeah!

Susan: I had three. Three boys. One I had to give up for adoption because I had nowhere to go. His mother, adoptive mother, has kept me up on everything.

Interviewer: That’s nice! A lot of times they don’t do that.

Susan: And they live right here in Green Bay! 

Interviewer: Well, there you go!

Susan Plank - Community

Interviewer: Describe the neighborhood you grew up in. Did you leave it and why?

Susan: Nope. I didn’t leave it, on purpose. 

Interviewer: No? Did you like the neighborhood?

Susan: At that time yes. 

Interviewer: How has your community changed in your lifetime?

Susan: I don’t know. We’ve done so many different things, though. The family, fishing and swimming, all except for me. 

Interviewer: How has the United States changed in your lifetime?

Susan: Dramatically.

Susan Plank - Thanksgiving Traditions

“She was so kind hearted and she cared about what would happen. She tried to be right there. Thanksgiving evening we’d have the preparation of the pies and everything. Then we started with the regular cooking and that’s how we started. And my two boys are excellent cookers and my granddaughter!”

Susan Plank - Family Heritage

“My mom was a waitress years ago, my dad worked at Shawman paper mill, and then there was my sister Sandy, worked at Larson’s. My brother David worked at Larson’s. Oh, right here in Green Bay. I know they came over from Ireland.”

Susan Plank - Susan’s Professional Life

Interviewer: What job did you work the longest and where?

Susan: I worked at a laundry place. Did a lot of babysitting. I tried a job at, like a different laundry place. I gave that up. 

Interviewer: What did you like or dislike about your work?

Susan: Oh, I think it was fair. You know, the different crafts and that, that I know.

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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