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Eunice Hess - Sundial Assisted Living

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Eunice Hess - Sundial Assisted Living in Redding, California.

Eunice Hess- Shish Kebabs

"We used to have BBQ’s out on the patio. There was a hill up behind. When we would have BBQ’s, we would have shish kebabs with a little bit of everything on the bob. Well, the kids, when we weren’t looking, they thought they would toss the things up on the hill that they didn’t want to eat. They thought they were getting by with something. They weren’t really, but they got rid of bits and parts of it they didn’t like to eat!"

Eunice Hess - Pheasant Hunting

"Eunice: One thing that I remember that affected me is the fact that I liked to hunt. We had some of the best pheasant hunting when I was growing up back there. When Pheasant season would open, we lived right close to the school. I would run home at lunch time, and she would have something packed ready to eat. We would go out, and over lunch we would cover one square mile. We were going this way and this way and this way and back in time to go to school again and have our limit, which happened to be 11 at the time.

Interviewer: On your lunch break would your mom go with you?

Eunice: Oh yes, she would drive. At that time the cars had fenders on them with a headlight and I could actually sit out on the running board with my feet around the light and hold myself on. We would just ditch hunt. When we would see something, she would stop. I would jump off, and that was it. She was really my buddy as far as hunting!"

Eunice Hess - Mom's Movie Theater

"She kept so busy. She not only took care of the house, but we had a theater. She took care of seeing all of the salesmen that came to town and choosing the pictures that would be shown. She absolutely would not show any pictures that weren’t suitable for the family. When we started out actually they were silent movies. So, she was kept very busy and was very responsible."

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