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Edna Noyes - Shorewood Senior Living

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Edna Noyes at Shorewood Senior Living in Florence, Oregon

Edna Noyes - Butter

"During the Depression, if you had cows, chickens and a garden you were going to live. But you wren't going to live or make any money. My mother traded butter for my piano lessons and I always told her she was wasting her butter. I am not musical. She also traded the butter for other things."

Edna Noyes - Model T

"There were three of us kids, one right after the other, a year apart. We were all born in March. About that time when we were one, two, and three, they bought a model T and away we came to Oregon. Now imagine three little kids in the backseat of a car, no seat belts, no anything, just rattling around back there. But I saw pictures and I know that we couldn’t fall out the car because it was loaded from running board."

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