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Daphne Cox from Blossom Vale Senior Living

Daphne Cox from Blossom Vale Senior Living

Interviewer: Daphne! Alright let’s hear your story

Daphne: "All right. When I was about eight I was visiting my brother, my oldest brother, who lived in the country. And they had, him and his wife, had nine children. I would go up there and we would just go wild climbing trees and having such a grand time and we had this one tree that we would skin cats on. It’s where you do a flip and you’re supposed to come down with your hands holding you up. We had used it so long that right underneath it was like concrete because when it rained. And this particular day my hand slipped and I fell flat on my face. Thus, my big nose. It broke my nose and they could not get my nose to stop bleeding. All the vehicles were gone so they had to take me into town by motorboat to then get a ride to take me to the doctors office for him to be able to stop my nose from bleeding."

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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