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Richard Kuehl - Village at Valley View

Richard Kuehl from Village at Valley View in Ashland, Oregon

Richard Kuehl - Fighter Pilot

Interviewer: Richard what branch of the military were you in?

Richard: I was in the fighter pilot.

Interviewer: what kind of plane did you fly?

Richard: A six engine.

Interviewer: A six engine?

Richard: A fighter pilot and it was good. When I come home I stayed in the fighter pilots because Utah had a foreign theme with their pilots. It didn’t work very well there. So I went over there for a long time.

Interviewer: Did you? How long were you there?

Richard: I was there about two and a half years because I had to join the various parts of it.

Richard Kuehl - During World War II

Interviewer: And you were in World War II?

Richard: Oh, sure

Interviewer: Oh yeah?

Richard: Yeah, I was based in England and I flew over Germany every day until we whipped them.

Interviewer: So you were in the Air Force then, right?

Richard: Yeah

Interviewer: Yeah

Richard: Yeah, I was in the Air Force there and then when I came back I was in the Air Force in Utah.

Richard Kuehl - In Belgium

Interviewer: So you, you went to Belgium too didn’t you?

Richard: Yeah I worked for the company.

Interviewer: So you worked in Belgium then?

Richard: I worked with Belgium for six years before all this happened before the war started.

Interviewer: Oh, you worked before the war started!

Richard: Yeah

Interviewer: What kind of work did you do in Belgium?

Richard: I was assigned an appointment that mixed with the Belgium infantry and we would maneuver all the time.

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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