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Ramona Russell from Heron Pointe Senior Living

Ramona Russell - Singing in the Hopyards

Interviewer: Ramona so tell me where were you in the United States?

Ramona: We were in a Hopyard out of Independence.

Interviewer: Hopyard out of Independence, okay.

Ramona: Her family were working in the Hobbs and my family were working in the hops and this group, they had a musical group. And they were pretty good and well I was only 14.

Interviewer: Right.

Ramona: But anyhow, my folks of course wouldn’t let me go. They wanted to go around to the hop yards and sing. And they had guitars and everything.

Interviewer: Oh, really?

Ramona: Oh yeah! But I am thankful that my folks didn’t let me go. I was only 14

Interviewer: So you like to sing as a kid?

Ramona: Oh yes my brother and I both did!

Interviewer: Okay

Ramona: We sang together.

Ramona Russell - Miss Tucker

Interviewer: So then there were competitions or how did you meet Miss Tucker?

Ramona: My dad said I couldn’t go with these guys to sing and then this other group was camping at the same campground. And I don’t know how it got that she said she would go with them because she sang good with the guitar. I mean I just sing a little bit but she sang good. So she went with them then of course and became Tammy Tucker.

Interviewer: Tammy Tucker, that’s great. Yeah she has some good music, she’s a country singer.

Ramona: Oh yes they do! Yes, very good.

Interviewer: Well Ramona, that’s impressive!

Ramona: It was neat back in those days because everybody had a guitar and sang.

Interviewer: Yes! That’s great, wow. In your family, how many kids were there?

Ramona: In my family? Just my brother and I.

Interviewer: Okay, did you guys work in the fields?

Ramona: Oh sure!

Interviewer: And those are the hop fields?

Ramona: Hops, berries, cherries. Anything that you could make money at!

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez and Samantha Alcaraz.

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