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Phyllis - Shorewood Senior Living

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Phyllis - Pigs

"I started school at age 5 in a country school of 32 students and 8 grades. I had a really good time and enjoyed it all.

The best part of it was we had a new teacher just graduating from Southern Oregon. So we initiated her by looking over the fence over the irrigation canal and we were saying “Oo and ahh.” And guess what? The sow was giving pigs.

She had never been on a farm and never seen this, and she wanted to know why we were all hanging over the fence. She came over and we hollered “Oh gosh there’s 12, no here’s comes 15!” And when she saw that she was so embarrassed and she made us leave and go. But that’s how we broke her in to being our teacher."

Phyllis - Car Racing

"This was at the time of men coming back and finding old cars because we had no new ones so we started racing.

Of course Larry had to get into that too, and so he painted a car chartreuse. He had a little Ford coupe.

He painted it chartreuse and then he went off on a trip with our trucks and when he came back I had drawn all colors and sizes of circles all over the car. He thought it was great, and it was very striking and he won several trophies with it."

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