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Martha Hall from Meadow Ridge Senior Living

Martha Hall – Dog Attack

" During our time in Nigeria we had a lot experiences that basically confirmed we knew the lord was concerned and cared for us and in difficult circumstances. I was homeschooling the four youngest kids. John was already away in boarding school and one day during a school session we heard our puppy dog making a lot of noise in the back yard. We went out and saw that there was a strange dog that he was fussing with and so I got a broom and Mark went running out trying to chase off the other dog and the dog attacked both of us and bit us. When Bob came home from the office uh he knew the dog was from the compound and he had told the staff member to get rid of the dog. That one of the litter had died already, and they knew that it was rabies.

So he took us immediately down to the government hospital, the doctor in charge was an Indian friend of ours and he got us started on 14 shots in the stomach, the series that was required for rabies. About the third day he was having us wait because he had a friend die from a reaction to the rabies shots so he made us wait for 15 minutes or so in the office after each shot and I was looking at the vile from which he got medicine and I saw that it was outdated by a year and half maybe two years. And he was very upset he contacted the government office headquarters and they could not find any with a better date on it. So it was left to us to locate some serum and our telephones weren’t working in our compound so Bob went down to the telephone office to make a call to Kadoona which was the closest station to us while we were there in Mena. And when he made the call, the house the phone was in was empty the family was on furlough.

The next-door neighbor was walking into the house to use the phone when she heard it was ringing and answered and Bob told her of our need for some rabies serum. Marie was a nurse and she knew that um the veterinarian hospital in Kadoona or the veterinary college in Kadoona had a horse with rabies recently and that the American staff from Kansas had gotten serum airmailed out and it was a carton with forty doses in it and she knew that twenty-four people received the shots. And that the rest of them were in the fridge of a friends of hers a doctor at the veterinary school and so she said I can get two rounds from them before you can drive up here and it will be ready for you. And it was! And it’s that kind of incidents that people, other people might call lucky, but we feel that God was in control and knew our need."

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