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Laura Dork from Woodside Senior Living

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Laura Dork - Clowning Around

Interviewer: Laura, can you tell me all about when you were a clown?

Laura: I had a lot of fun being a clown but it seems like it’s far behind me but it isn’t because I bring it back up to the kids constantly. They loved it. Shirley did all my sewing. She made me about four different outfits before I found one I liked and then I found one I liked and that’s when I wanted the kids to have one. So we, Shirley had to make the kids one and we had so much fun in parades. We were in all the parades and they had a lot of fun. I said just follow me, just do my thing if you don’t want to do my thing do your own and they would. Oh but, oh what fun it was for me because I got real close to my grandchildren and there’s some that weren’t my grandchildren. They thought they were my grandchildren because I treated them like my grandchildren. So it doesn’t make any difference to me whether they were mine or somebody else’s because I loved them all.

Laura Dork - Laura’s Big Heart

“I just have so much love in my heart. It seems like I don’t have enough room to put another person in there but I do. I always put another person in my heart. I got so much going from being a clown. My grandchildren, oh gosh, I have over 100 grandchildren that sounds funny but I had eight children and they had their share too. I think the one that had the most was Shirley. She had three or four. I don’t know. It don’t make any difference. I know but even when I graduated from high school they always remembered me. Thank goodness I loved it. And they loved me. So I know it. So that’s all I want to say.”

Laura Dork - Laura’s Family Restaurant

Interviewer: Can you tell me about when you owned your restaurant?

Laura: Oh had fun there too because Shirley, you know, Diane, and Arlene, and June were my waitresses. But they went to school and

I said well I’ll just run it til you get home. And that’s the way it was. And Elaine wanted so bad to be a part of it I said no you’re too little. You just play. That’s your job. You have to play.

Interviewer: What kind of restaurant did you have?

Laura: I had a family restaurant and they, people came in. Oh, I had so much work to do. I knew everybody that came in. Even the mayor, he’d come in. He said he always, this was the only place he’d eat because it’s home.

Laura Dork - Full of Love

“I loved it though. I loved all my life. Everything I’ve done in life I love. The restaurant, the clown, what else? Oh and I was in a parade. I was in all the parades because of the kids. And those kids still see me today. They call me and say ”Hey, how are you doing?” And I said I’m doing fine, don’t worry about it. And that phone should be ringing. It’s ringing all the time.”

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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