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Jane Dillon from Woodside Senior Living

Jane Dillon- Jane Meets Her Husband

Interviewer: Jane, tell me all about how you met your husband in the whole story behind your guys’ relationship and where you honeymooned and all of that. Tell me all about him.

Jane: Well I skated at the skating rink in Portland and every weekend I’d go there. Well, one day he showed up there. And he kept looking at me and this is quite a big rink. And so I was skating down the other end and he came down and we started talking. And from there it just kind of went on. He was in the Navy at the time. It was towards the end of the war we got acquainted and then he took me out on a date and stuff. And we didn’t go together very long. We got married. I was 17.

Jane Dillon - Married Life

Jane: So we got, we did get married and about 10 months later we had our first one! Like I said I was 17 but I was ready to have a family and everything and that’s pretty young though. Then we had Paulie and her name was Paulie Jane. And she’s a nurse now down in Arizona. And we got along very well. So Paul went to work. Got out of the Navy and he went to work at the paper mill. We had a, we had a very, very good life together.

Interviewer: How long were you guys married?

Jane: A long time. Forever. He just died this last year. Oh, we were married 72 years, excuse me it just came to me. We had five kids. I never worked outside of the house. He made enough at the mill to, we could do what we wanted to do.

Jane Dillon - 72 years

Jane: We liked the outdoors and then he built a cabin over at La Pine. We got some property over there and we, he went ahead and built a small cabin. And the kids didn’t care if they had a bedroom or not. They like sleeping outside anyways but we had a very good marriage. Like I say 72 years and he just passed away this last year.

Interviewer: You keep him close by, don’t you?

Jane: Yeah, he’s right there! And all the pictures my kids got together when we had a memorial service.

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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