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Edith Felter - Majestic Rim Retirement Living

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Edith Felter from Majestic Rim Retirement Living

Edith Felter - Millinery Department

"I mean I had both jobs when I got out of high school I worked in a local department store. Everybody had a department but me, and I asked the boss one day, I said, “Why can’t I have a department?” He said “because we need you to do what you are doing.” Because I had to do every job they sent me to. Well, I finally got into the millinery department, and I marked hats to sell. We had a maid that would come up to get our merchandise and take it down. One day I marked all these hats wrong, and didn’t discover it until they were gone. So I told the boss and told him what I had done, and he sent the maid to get them. And the minute she started picking them hats up, the women came around and wouldn’t let her take them, and they paid the big – the wrong price. They thought they were getting a real bargain! I don’t know how many she ever got, but that was a boo boo that made them money!!"

Edith Felter - Blessed


The depression did not touch me, because Dad never lost a day ‘s work. But we helped a lot of the family that did hit hard times. I had an uncle that was a streetcar Conductor. Well, he lost his job. So that’s what we normally just helped some of the family that had hit hard times. I was blessed that I wasn’t affected directly.

Interviewer: You still were a little bit, because you had an opportunity to help others – in a positive way.

Edith: That’s true. And it probably stuck with me. Well, it probably did. It probably did stick with me."

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