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Della Mae Wright from Woodside Senior Living

Della Mae Wright - Della Mae’s Parents and Farm Life

Della Mae: My folks were farmers and I was a farm girl. Until 22, and then I moved from Kansas to Colorado. I got married and so things were a little more exciting. Not much though!

Interviewer: So, Della Mae, being 101 years old you’ve seen a lot of change in technology. And now you have FaceTime.

Della Mae: Especially in transportation. When I was a baby, they had a horse and buggy. Let’s see I was born in 1919 and they did have cars but my folks couldn’t afford a car. So we went in a horse and buggy every place we went. Until oh in the 20s. Then my folks got a car. It was slow progress when you don’t have money you know?

Della Mae Wright - Technology

Interviewer: What about the telephone?

Della Mae: Oh yeah. I’ll have to tell you something cute. My grandparents had a telephone. And my grandfather, one of his friends, called him. And before he would pick up the receiver, he went over and combed his hair and you know, fixed his shirt collar. And I was talking to a lady about that yesterday. He was 100 years ahead of time because now we do that!

Della Mae Wright - Technology Part 2

Interviewer: How old were you when you got your first car?

Della Mae: Well, my folks got a car before I was really old enough to have it registered with me. Because we always used the horse and buggy and went over to see my aunt who I loved! They say that I got so excited when we were on our way over. Mom had to really hold onto me or I’d just, I wanted to get to my aunt because I loved her so much.

Interviewer: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen over your 101 years of life? The biggest one!

Della Mae: Well I think, I think what’s getting to me more is this traveling in space. You know, they travel in space now! Which I don’t know much about but to me that would be pretty exciting.

Transcription and Audio Edit by Ileana Chavez.

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