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David Crawford - Shorewood Senior Living

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

David Crawford at Shorewood Senior Living in Florence, Oregon

David Crawford - Pumpkin

"The lady that delivered me was a lady physician. She drove 13 miles from a neighboring community to come over in a Model T to deliver me and she also delivered my brother. Her name was Viola Beck and she was one of the very first lady physicians in the whole state of Illinois.

So I was about five years old, my mother always told me that I was born picked off a pumpkin vine. And when my brother two years older than me went to school, I was all alone with no one to play with. So mom would tell me “just go out into the garden and pick your little friend off the pumpkin vine.” I never could find one, so that really didn’t help too much."

David Crawford - Chemistry

"In January, just in time for the second semester at the University of Washington I enrolled primarily because the government paid me $75 a month. Paid my tuition and bought all my books. And i didn't care about the tuition, didn't care about the books but I wanted the $75 in gas for my little car to run around and chase girls. So anyway, one of my first classes was Chemistry. And i've always enjoyed Chemistry and we had a person we worked with and her name was Sherry. I didn't learn a lot of Chemistry in that class but Sherry and I sure had chemistry. She was sweet, I married her at the end of that first year of college. We went on for three years, we both got our Masters Degrees and then we decided we'd start our family."

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